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Sightseeing in Zillertal and in Tyrol

Braukunsthaus Zillertal Bier, Zell in the Zillertal

Experience Tyrolean beer culture with all your senses

As part of an exciting multimedia tour,
discover how the region and its people form our beer specialties and learn about some of the Zillertals secrets. Visit us and enjoy one of the most exciting sights in Tyrol.

In addition to our beer specialties, we offer a diverse range that completes the beer culture: unique delicacies from the region,
high-quality local products and a wide range of items related to the enjoyment of beer. In our BrauKunstHaus shop, everyone will find their beer specialty and attractive items to make themselves and others happy. And if you are still unsure while shopping, you are definitely on the right track with a voucher for the shop or the BrauKunstHaus.

Nature’s Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier

Nature’s Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier is a natural gem, unique worldwide and an ideal year round excursion destination for the whole family. The entrance to this ice cave is only a 3 to 4 minute walk from the top station of the glacierbus 3 lift.

On guided tours, visitors are asked to „Step inside” to this wonderful world deep beneath the ski slopes and discover a glacial crevasse with magical ice stalactites, giant sparkling ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and even a glacial lake.

Zillertaler Höhenstraße (High Road)

A trip on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße is an unforgettable experience and offers everything your heart desires!

The Zillertaler Höhenstraße is one of the most beautiful Alpine roads in Austria and offers every visitor a wonderful journey up to an altitude of 2,020 m in their own car, by coach (up to 10.5 m long), by bus to Melchboden, and even by bus Bicycle.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens

Embedded in a mysterious park, a glittering fairytale landscape awaits you, which invites you to dream. In 14 subterranean chambers, the multimedia artist André Heller created in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of Swarovski a place of wonder.

The constantly changing crystal dress of the rooms reflects the joy of innovation and dynamism as the highest maxims of the world's leading manufacturer of precisely cut crystals.

ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy & Show Farm

What is made from milk and how does it get into the carton,...?
Adults and children can experience the entire hay milk production path at the ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy. Children can see how cheese is made at the Show Dairy, where it matures and how it is looked after, how filling machines work and much more. 

A film is screened in the Show Farm barn, which shows how milking functions and why hay milk is so valuable! But at the end of the day, discovering what the animals get up to in real life is even more interesting - and there is plenty of opportunity for doing just that. Cows, sheep, chickens and the goats in particular are inherently curious and will come and nuzzle visitors, hoping for some attention. Another film can be seen at the Bee Pavilion – over one million bees live at the Show Farm and love buzzing around the many flowers all around! 

Pepis Children Area at the Penken

In the winter season, Pepis Children Area on the Penkenjoch is the place to take your first steps on skis. In front of the Granatalm's sun terrace, a summer children's area was set up as a counterpart to the children's area in winter. The latest highlight can be seen from afar. In the new Pepis Children Area, an 8 m high playable Pepi - who was once the Tux giant's toy - welcomes all children. The inside of the giant pepi is the ultimate playground for all children. There is definitely no boredom on 3 levels. In addition to a crawl channel, a playhouse, a distorting mirror, there is also a climbing wall and many other attractions. Those who have had enough of all the playing, romping and climbing can simply leave the giant pepi by slide


DISCOVER THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ORIGINS OF HIGH QUALITY FOOD! …so you know where it comes from! On behalf of all our hay milk farmers our Show Farm demonstrates the origins of high quality FOOD: hay milk derived from goats, sheep and cows, with an organic chicken coop and busy bees... Also equipped with a barn, mini tractors for children, relax zones & much more!

…so you know how it is made! follow the entire production journey of processing hay milk into high quality hay milk products in our Show Dairy! Cheese, butter, yoghurt & more are created in a 6,000m² glazed production area, Visitors receive information via videos, display boards and audio guides in 6 languages!
Events "Cheese with Music"


This museum in Jenbach offers interesting exhebitions and general artifacts on more than 700sqm, including nature, sport, history und industry.


Enjoy a ride on the Achensee mountain railway, which is more than 100 years old. Starting in Jenbach, the Achensee can be reached in 45 mins, then you might carry on for a ship cruise on the lake.


A castle built around 1500 by Emperor Maximilian, now open for visitors.


The water falls in Krimml are the largest in Europe and fifth largest of the world with a heigt of more than 380m. Experience this natural wonder by walking along the waterfall trail and enjoying the panorama of the National Park Hohe Tauern.


The highest planetarium in Europe gives you the possibility of disovering the universe in a clear night.


Using excellent technologies, you can enjoy adiovisual shows in the Planetarium in Schwaz.


This museum in Schwaz offers many, many artefacts and pictures from Africa, the middle east and China.


Schwaz was once on of Europe's most important cities due to its silver mines - nowadays, you can explore these mines with an experienced guide and penetrate up to 800 deep into the mountain.


Discover the making of candles in this interesting museum in Brixlegg.


Rattenberg, Tirol's oldest city, is a romantic retreat, offering many little traditional shops, where you can find almost anything, especially glass.


A trip to the city of Rattenberg is ideal for a visit of the so-called "exemplary cemetary". This cemetary "without the dead", which has been put together with a lot of hard work by the Guggenberger Family, beautiful examples of old craftsmanship have found a new home. Visitors are inspired by the inscriptions to consider life and death in a pleasant and contemplative atmosphere.


Why not try an adventerous walk through this canyon? You will certainly enjoy nature at its best here.


Hall, and ancient town, famous for its mint. Nowadays, the "Mint tower" houses a musuem which is undoubtedly very interesting for old and young.


Innsbruck - capital city of Tirol - has so moch to offer. Stroll through the ancient parts of the city, visit a musuem or exhibition or visit the famous Alpenzoo, where many species are kept in natural circumstances.


Visit the interactive museum with their newly adapted show rooms dedicated to the life and times of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). The new "Children's World" invites young visitors on an exciting journey of discovery in the museum. Enjoy a magnificent view from the grandiose bay of the Golden Roof.


More than 2000 animals belonging to 150 species from all over the Alps are waiting for you in the highest zoo in Europe. Animals of all sizes have found their home in the Alpine Zoo: the kinglet with its 5 grams is a real lightweight, whereas the Bearded Vulture with its 3 m wingspan is the largest bird of the Alps. The special experience for the entire family!


The stately Kufstein Fortress has long since secured itself a spot among the most popular trip destinations. The opportunity to "travel back in time" is like a magnet for locals, daytrippers, and tourists alike. Expensivly restored, the fortress constitues the much-adored and versatile "Pearl of Tyrol" and offers a stunning array of impressions and services to lovers of culture and history.